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Dr. Christie Black-Murrell

Author of Do You Know?

What inspired your book?
This book specifically was all about the hundreds of kids that I have worked with who suffered from poor self-esteem and/or depression based on the negative thoughts of themselves. I wanted to speak positive words of affirmation into them, encourage healthy parent-child relationships, and build resiliency.

What courses/persons in school shaped your choice to become a writer?
My 9th-grade writing teacher helped me to see that writing should be a path for me when she secretly submitted one of my poems to a writing contest and I won. Prior to that my writing was just for me and I didn’t share it for fear of what others might think about it. After that, I began to share my work and I am thankful that now I am able to share it with the world.

What advice would you give a child who wants to become a writer?
I encourage every kid that wants to write to take their journal everywhere they go. Start by writing about everything they see and feel and watch how it develops. Also, read, read, and read some more, it builds your vocabulary and makes you a better writer.

Who were your mentors that helped shape your career?
My writing teacher and my 12th grade English teacher helped to encourage and push me. My creative writing teacher in college gave me new ways to look at things. Dr. Maya Angelou encouraged me from a distance with her amazing talent and pearls of wisdom.

How long did you work on your book? Explain.
This book didn’t take long to write because I truly feel like every word God gave me and I just put it on paper. Now, the illustrations took a little longer because having to tell someone else what I want my images to look like was difficult for the first time.

Do you feel your book has a lesson?
Yes, you are AMAZING!!!

My books can be purchased on my website as well as Amazon.

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