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Jo'Ana Morgan

Author of No Aliens Before Breakfast

1.Jo’Ana, does writing energized you or exhaust you? And why?

Writing energizes and often redirects me because it reminds me that I have creative power over every area of my life.

2.How long did you work on your book? Explain.

I worked on No Aliens Before Breakfast for 2 years, 8 months, 14 days and 15 minutes. After only knowing the title and overall premise of the book for more than 2 years, when the timing was perfect, I sat down and wrote the entire story in 15 minutes—no editing necessary.

3.Once you completed your book, what was the publishing process like?

The completion of the book and publishing process went hand-in-hand as I launched my publishing company, Legacy Writer’s Press, the same day I wrote No Aliens Before Breakfast. Needless to say, I love my publisher. She has a powerful gift to help other people re-imagine what’s possible.

4. What tactics do you use to write, outline first or just write?

Wherever I am, I try to jot down book ideas when they come to me. Therefore, when I’m finally ready to sit down to flesh out more of a story, I usually have a ew ideas already.

5. Any lasting thoughts for your readers?

A legacy isn’t just what you leave for people, it’s what you leave in people.

6.Where may our readers find you on social media?

To purchase books:
Book Website:
Instagram & Facebook: @NoAliensBeforeBreakfast
Publishing Company:

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